I dance for you, my crippled brother


I dance for you, my crippled brother.
I run for you, my maimed brother.
I travel for you, my barbaric brother.
I talk for you, my mute brother.
I sing for you, my deaf brother.
I gaze for you, my blind brother.
I laugh for you, my sad brother.
I cry for you, my happy brother.
I lie for you, my honest brother.
I eat for you, my hungry brother.
I drink for you, my thirsty brother.
I learn for you, my foolish brother.
I read for you, my illiterate brother.
I sleep for you, my awake brother.
I walk for you, my lame brother.
I meditate for you, my anxious brother.
I worry for you, my calm brother.
I fight for you, my cowardly brother.
I rule for you, my servile brother.
I sin for you, my good brother.
I slay for you, my innocent brother.
I marry for you, my solitary brother.
I love for you, my evil brother.
I live for you, my dead brother.



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8 responses to “I dance for you, my crippled brother

  1. ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ ~ Cain

  2. R.I.P,
    Respect, Shall the ‘Spirit’, & ‘Memories’ Remain..

  3. Beautiful expression of a beautiful thought. –Dennis

  4. A very beautiful poem. It certainly leads one to wonder about his place in this world and the point of his existence.

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