No poet ever wrote a poem


No poet ever wrote a poem.
No singer ever sang a note.
No power ever solved a problem.
No citizen ever had a vote.

No builder ever built a castle.
No actor ever played a role.
No soldier ever fought a battle.
No deity ever saved a soul.

No writer ever wrote a story.
No artist ever imitated nature.
No moment ever had its glory.
No hour ever left the future.

No writer ever wrote a volume.
No liar ever told a lie.
No money ever had a value.
No mirror ever saw an eye.

No sentence ever contained a letter.
No forest ever had a tree.
No border ever had a center.
No man or woman were ever free.



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24 responses to “No poet ever wrote a poem

  1. You are one clever guy . . . Love your nonsensical play with words . . . Makes me smile . . . Blessings . . .

  2. Wow! Powerful!
    Note-simple past tense of ‘sing’ is ‘sang.’ You may want to fix that to keep the parallelism with the rest of the poem.
    Lovely work, and an amazing image, too.

  3. Yes, it’s a sad truth, freedom is an illusion. Love the poem.

  4. Wow, really well stated. Love this piece.

  5. Thanks for liking my post. I enjoyed your poem. Intertextuality an allusion to the illusion of originality.

  6. I think we are kindred spirits. Thank you so much for liking my poem on WordMusic. I appreciate it so much, especially coming from another poet.

    Brent Kincaid

  7. A very thoughtful piece, and I love the way you structured it. Read you later.

  8. Absolutely brilliant!!! I am seriously very impressed by your piercing insight!

  9. I really like this. I imagine Dylan would have been pleased to pen this!

  10. Reblogged this on Writ of Rags and commented:
    This one is really well-done.

  11. This is amazing and very easy to follow. Your words are well chosen and memorable. I enjoyed this completely.

  12. Andreea Gutu

    No poet ever wrote a poem, because the words are life, you see.
    So we don’t write words, we write down what we live.

    Wonderful “poem”!

  13. Reblogged this on SUBVERSIONfactory and commented:
    Great poem. impact last line.

  14. Great impact on last line! Good sense of rhythm ~

  15. Your poem is amazing. I am completely speechless, don’t have enough words to define your piece of work

  16. I am witness to the people or actions that you and your poem deny, and I don’t agree with you.

  17. xxi centuries of History and nobody did something good? Thanks Gais

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