So many arrows unaimed


So many arrows unaimed.
So many mountains unmoved.
So many lights unlit.
So many deeds undone.
So many words unsaid.
So many stories untold.
So many voices unheard.
So many questions unasked.
So many places unknown.
So many books unread.
So many sentences unwritten.
So many theories unproven.
So many minds unsettled.
So many paths untaken.
So many roads untraveled.
So many passions unruled.
So many emotions untamed.
So many ills uncured.
So many needs unmet.
So many hopes unchained.
So many souls unrested.
So many dreams unborn.
So many faces uncared.
So many heroes unnamed.
So many hearts unloved.



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5 responses to “So many arrows unaimed

  1. jflach2014

    So many comments unsent. This poem deserves a “like” from me. Aim your arrows and move your mountains, one verse at a time. Well done and well written.

  2. Its funny how humans like to think they have found “knowledge and understanding” and that somehow our very existence is superior. I think your poem is powerful, in its list-like manner, shows us that we do not know very much after all. I love this piece.

    Thank you for liking my post and following my blog too, I really appreciate it!

  3. Woah! I’ll be sure to look over this poem, and cheers for checking out mine mate 🙂

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