Does a cloud gives advice to the birds?


Does a cloud gives advice to the birds?
Does the ocean tries to break free from its waves?
Does a volcano blushes for its bursts of fire?
Does the fire apologizes for its burning flames?
Does a knife resents its bloody slaughters?
Does the Earth regrets her spinning motions?
Does a leaf asks what is its purpose?
Does a tree explores its ancient roots?
Does a flower searches for the meaning of life?
Does the wind chases after its dreams?
Does a fly longs for fame and glory?
Does a blade of grass writes its own story?
Does a storm engages in the pursuit of happiness?
Does a moth envies other moths?
Does the sun tremble before darkness?
Does a stone desires to realize its wishes?
Does a mouth worries about what it says?
Does a worm prays to heaven for divine assistance?
Does the smoke wants to accomplish great things before it disappears?
Does a snowflake panics when it melts in the sunlight?
Does the thunder fears of not being remembered?
Does a crocodile feels ashamed of his looks?
Does an ant strives to motivate its brothers?
Does a mountain travels to see the beauty of this world?
Does a breath seeks to remain in the present moment?
Does the ground wants to be in touch with itself?
Does nature seeks approval for her visions?
Does the universe celebrates its birth?
Does time mourns its passing?
Does rain wishes to do good?



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6 responses to “Does a cloud gives advice to the birds?

  1. All very interesting questions! ❤

  2. pandorasaltereg0

    Amazing, what a good post thank you. Love x

  3. Dionysus Amber

    Very interesting questions. certainly made me think.

  4. Beautiful, reminds me of Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions 🙂

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