I am a farce, an epigram and an irony

I am a farce, an epigram and an irony.
I am a joke, an anecdote and a parody.
I am a fable, a myth and a fantasy.
I am a satire, a skit and a travesty.

I am a narrative, a fiction and a forgery.
I am a praise, an applause and a flattery.
I am a sermon, a parable and an allegory.
I am a mime, a copy and a mimicry.

I am a story, a letter and a biography.
I am a book, a novel and a library.
I am a report, a record and a registry.
I am a tale, a drama and a tragedy.

I am a ballad, a song and a melody.
I am a lyric, a stanza and a symphony.
I am a chant, a verse and a poetry.
I am an opus, an epic and a rhapsody.

I am a manuscript, a text and a history.
I am a saga, a romance and a comedy.
I am a journal, an archive and a diary.
I am an article, a column and a commentary.

I am a idea, a concept and a theory.
I am a thought, an image and a memory.
I am a emblem, a symbol and an analogy.
I am a perspective, a view and a tendency.

I am a fact, a truth and a reality.
I am a faith, a trust and a certainty.
I am a form, a system and an objectivity.
I am a creed, a doctrine and an authority.

I am a superstition, a delusion and a fancy.
I am a error, a mistake and a fallacy.
I am a fear, a tradition and an irrationality.
I am a mirage, a confusion and a mockery.

I am a paper, a scroll and an inquiry.
I am a sign, a syllable and a vocabulary.
I am a metaphor, a simile and an affinity.
I am a facet, a feature and a glossary.

I am a theme, a treatise and an essay.
I am a prose, a tract and a metonymy.
I am a lecture, a seminar and an oratory.
I am a process, a measure and an activity.

I am an index, an abstract and a bibliography.
I am a paragraph, a chapter and a summary.
I am a page, an inscription and an obituary.
I am a proverb, a dictum and an eulogy.



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4 responses to “I am a farce, an epigram and an irony

  1. pandorasaltereg0

    Amazing. I absolutely was taken by your words, floetry; a true poets gift. Love x I am…

  2. great writing. Can’t wait to read on…

  3. peach blossom moth

    Wow. This is impressive.

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