Everything’s laughter


Everything’s laughter
Everything dust
Everything nothing
Everything rust

Everything’s after
Everything more
Everything matter
Everything war

Everything’s tomorrow
Everything past
Everything narrow
Everything vast

Everything’s forest
Everything name
Everything yes
Everything same

Everything’s steam
Everything fun
Everything dream
Everything one

Everything’s yellow
Everything gay
Everything mellow
Everything day

Everything’s flame
Everything dance
Everything game
Everything chance

Everything’s wine
Everything blurred
Everything sign
Everything absurd

Everything’s other
Everything gift
Everything mother
Everything adrift

Everything’s rotten
Everything clay
Everything forgotten
Everything grey

Everything’s hell
Everything nice
Everything well
Everything vice

Everything’s fire
Everything high
Everything liar
Everything lie

Everything’s void
Everything mind
Everything destroyed
Everything blind

Everything’s incense
Everything whore
Everything against
Everything for

Everything’s darkness
Everything die
Everything less
Everything I

Everything’s line
Everything round
Everything mine
Everything wound

Everything’s here
Everything where
Everything there
Everything aware

Everything’s everywhere
Everything none
Everything everyone
Everything done

Everything’s anything
Everything small
Everything everything
Everything all


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One response to “Everything’s laughter

  1. Everything all. So general yet so specific. Great post thanks for sharing.

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