I don’t know


I don’t know what is good and what is bad, what is important and what is not. I don’t know what is to be done or what could be done and whether anything should be done at all.
I don’t know who I am and who are you or who is this and what are they, where I come from and where I go, why I write this and why you read that.
I don’t know what is right and what is wrong, what is polite and what is rude, what is happiness and what is misery, what is precious and what is horrid, what is beautiful and what is sublime.
I don’t know whether I should do something or do nothing. Whether I should do this or that. I don’t know whether I can do both and if I could whether I should. I don’t know if I should elaborate on that or not.
I don’t know what is the purpose and what is the meaning. I don’t know whether this amounts to anything, something or nothing. Even when I speak – don’t be misguided by this seductive trickery – I really don’t know what I am talking about.
I don’t have a secret desire or a pragmatic preference. I don’t have a hidden wish or any reasonable opinion. I don’t have a particular point of view or a belief in something. I have not thought out anything carefully. I have no plans and no schedule. I have no theory and no practice. I have not found a middle way or a way out, a way forward or a way back. I don’t know whether I should worry about that or not. Maybe I should and I definitely could but I won’t. I don’t know. Perhaps I will know latter and perhaps I will not. Who knows that? Maybe you do. I certainly do not.
I don’t know what is time and what is a calendar. What is a night and what is a day? What is a second, an hour, a month, a year? What is a decade and what is a century? What is history? What is Renaissance and what is Reformation? What is Modernity and what is Christianity? What is Buddhism and what is Islam? What is God, what is a deity and what is an angel? What is humanity and what is a human? What is an animal, what is an ant and what is a microbe? What is electricity and what is gravity? What is philosophy, what is art and what is literature? What is language? What is poetry? What is a word? What is a thought? What is future, past, present, what is this moment?
What is memory and what are thoughts? What is brain and what are emotions? What is choice and what is free will? What is a habit and what is an experience? What is an idea? What is fear? What is death? What is sex? What is taboo? What is sin? What is pleasure? What is a child and what is an adult? What is man and what is woman? What is truth?

I don’t know why people care about the climate, environment, nature, planet, cosmos, why they care about violence, politics, economics, sports and many other similar words of that kind. I don’t know why they have pains and sufferings, why they like this and dislike that, why they believe in this and disbelieve in that, why they eat this and not that. I don’t know why are they healthy and why are they sick. I don’t know why they strive to do something. I don’t know why they desire this and not that, why they aim at this and not that. I don’t know why they want to create. I don’t know why they want to be free and happy. I don’t know why they talk and why they remain silent. I don’t know why they struggle and fight. I don’t know why they work tirelessly and then go on a vacation to take a photograph of an ant colony. I don’t know why they follow an ideal, a leader, a system. I don’t know why they observe the rules and obey the law. I don’t know why they renovate their flats and paint their fences.

I don’t know why they love. I don’t know why they breathe and then wither away like autumn leaves before winter, why they appear and then vanish, why they live and then perish.
I don’t know and maybe they don’t know it either.


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10 responses to “I don’t know

  1. I don’t know if I like this blog…but I do have many of these questions resolved since I started my writing. That process of getting it out there and seeing what comes back does start to build a perspective— at least for me.

  2. i don’t know why so many people claim they know
    i do not understand how so many are so certain
    the irony is that the only thing i feel certain about is nothing is certain
    how’s tricks?

    • Greetings dear xandrablackprime!
      If nothing is certain to you except the feeling you have ”that nothing is certain”, then you are certain “that nothing is certain”, which invalidates the statement “that nothing is certain”. How can you find so much certainty in the uncertain?

      It seems to me that my certainty “that nothing is certain” makes my certainty “that nothing is certain” – uncertain. Hence I am actually uncertain that nothing is certain. Therefore as you can gather from the above, the phrase “nothing is certain” is semantically self-destructive and beautifully absurd like the liar’s paradox, i.e. this sentence is false.

  3. beautifully absurd & utterly paradoxical INDEED

  4. if feeling that nothing is certain the same as making a universal claim that nothing is certain? off to the beach… ~xx

  5. i quite missed your mind… should stop in more often for random nuggets…

  6. Thanks for the like on my page. Very creative work here, if a bit repetitive at times. Surely at least one of these will be good for HELIOS. Please check it out … heliosliterature.com

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