When no one talks I listen


When no one talks I listen.
When no one listens I talk.
When no one asks I answer.
When no one answers I ask.
When no one gives I take.
When no one takes I give.
When no one hides I seek.
When no one seeks I hide.
When no one comes I wait.
When no one waits I come.
When no one begins I end.
When no one ends I begin.
When no one follows I lead.
When no one leads I follow.
When no one teaches I learn.
When no one learns I teach.
When no one reads I write.
When no one writes I read.


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One response to “When no one talks I listen

  1. There then is nothing and no one due to the counterbalance of opposition of opposites and physics first law. For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Thus the reader is left with nothing. There is no direction in which to go, no idea to follow, no passion to be embraced, no conclusion to come to. This is why there is nothing here to be grasped except wasted time. I hope this will be of aid. Please come by marktone.WordPress.com

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