A dance in a step and a song in a note

I am a dance in a step
and a song in a note.
I am a book in a word
and a poem in a verse.
I am alphabet in a letter
and infinity in a number.
I am a machine in a ghost
and a shell in a pearl.
I am a wall in a stone
and a forest in a tree.
I am an ocean in a fish
and a sky in a bird.
I am a sea in a wave
and an universe in an atom.
I am a world in an eye
and a galaxy in a cell.
I am a thought in a drop
and a blank in an ink.
I am a theater in an actor
and a circus in a clown.
I am a face in a scar
and a heart in a wound.
I am a mountain in a cave
and a grave in a coffin.
I am a herd in a sheep
and a pack in a wolf.
I am a ring in a bull
and an army in a soldier.
I am a crowd in a person
and a society in a self.
I am the many in the few
and the less in the more.
I am the plus in the minus
and the gold in the iron.
I am Egypt in the Sphinx
and Paris in London.
I am the ashes in the treasure
and the wind in the dust.
I am a night in a star
and a jungle in a desert.
I am a garden in a rose
and a vase in a flower.
I am a park in a bush
and a beach in a sand.
I am an oven in a bread
and a glass in a wine.
I am a factory in a worker
and a court in a lawyer.
I am a life in a day
and an hour in a second.
I am Sabbath on Venus
and an eternity in a moment
I am a flame in the water
and a square in a circle.
I am the hell in the devil
and the cross in the crescent.
I am Zeus in Prometheus
and Judas in Christ.
I am a dance in a note
and a song in a step.
A book in a verse
and a poem in a word.


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