We are cowards!


We are afraid to live the way we want to.
We are afraid to live in accordance with our beliefs and ideals.
We are afraid to follow our desires.
We are afraid to pursue our dreams.
We are afraid to trust our hearts and our passions.
We are afraid to perish in the turmoil of life.
We are afraid to die for the sake of our happiness.
We are afraid that we will be judged as mad, selfish and egotistic.
We are afraid of nature, gods and people.
We are afraid of rules, laws and regulations.
We are afraid of punishment and condemnation.
We are afraid of views and opinions, conventions and religions.
We are afraid to be insignificant and poor.
We are afraid to be left alone and forgotten.
We are afraid to be different and inconsistent.
We are afraid to risk everything we have for something we believe in.
We are afraid to try and to fail.
We are afraid to alter the course of our fate.
We are afraid to take destiny into our hands.
We are afraid to change.
We are afraid to be free.
We are afraid to be ourselves.
We are cowards.
We are cowards that cannot untie ourselves from society.



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3 responses to “We are cowards!

  1. This is a phenomenal poem, thank you. I’d like to share it on my blog here on WordPress but, (with all due respect) I have an image that I’d like to use in lieu of yours. The moment I started reading it, the painting came directly in mind. Thanks again, great work!

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