Where is silence – my native tongue?


Where is the river that I crossed?
Where is the tree that I climbed?
Where is the mountain that I lifted?
Where are the clouds of my chidlhood days?
Where is my summer? Where is the heartbeat of my past?
Where is the wind that breezed past my face?
Where is the storm that rocked my boat?
Where are the fears I could not face?
Where are the tears I once shed?
Where is the roof that hung over my head?
Where are the raindrops that hit against the pavement?
Where are the snowflakes that I captured in my hand?
Where is the fly that danced on my palm?
Where is the thunder I once heard?
Where are the words I once spoke?
Where are the thoughts I once had?
Where are the eyes with which I looked at the world?
Where are the legs with which I traveled and ran before?
Where are the hands with which I shook yours?
Where is the air that I have squandered?
Where is the kiss I once received?
Where is the flower that faded away?
Where is the candle that burned out?
Where is the sunset that went beyond the horizon?
Where is the wave that reached the shore?
Where is the time that wasn’t on my clock?
Where is the child that became my father?
Where is the cry with which I came out of my mother’s womb?
Where is silence – my native tongue?



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2 responses to “Where is silence – my native tongue?

  1. Love this. Very philosophical.

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