Who will build a snowman in a summer breeze?


Who will remember my dreams?
Who will dry my tears?
Who will drive away my fears?
Who will notice when I am not here?
Who will miss my breath?
Whose kiss will be my last?
Who will recall my name?
Who will be my friend?
Who will take off my clothes?
Who will carry my cross?
Who will prepare my last meal?
Who will bury my flesh?
Who will dig my tomb?
Who will lay flowers on my grave?
Who will embrace my shadow?
Who will follow my heart?
Who will hold my secrets?
Who will keep my photographs?
Who will sleep in my bed?
Who will read my books?
Who will walk in my shoes?
Who will finish what I have started?
Who will pronounce my words?
Who will write my sentences?
Who will register my thoughts?
Who will listen to my voice?
Who will roll my dice?
Who will build a snowman in a summer breeze?

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