I want to be happy like a Jew in the concentration camp


I want to be happy like a Jew in the concentration camp and miserable like a kid in a candy store.
I want to be joyful like a mother who morns the loss of her son and sad like a child who’s playing in the sandbox.
I want to be free like a fly in a spider’s web and oppressed as a light in the day.
I want to be good like serpent and evil like Eve.
I want to slaughter like a sweetheart and love like an assassin.
I want to be rich like a beggar and poor like the wealthy.
I want to be limited like an infinity and boundless like a prison cell.
I want to blossom like a withered fig tree and wither away like gold.
I want to be dry as water and wet as desert.
I want to be hot as ice and cold as fire.
I want to climb deep oceans and plunge into steep mountains.
I want to fly under the water and swim above the sky.
I want to roar like a mouse and chirp like a tiger.
I want to be dark as a light and bright as a shadow.
I want to love like a devil and hate like God.
I want to live like a cancer cell and die like a zygote.
I want to be whole like a broken glass window and fragmented like a globe.
I want to be wise like an ignoramus and foolish like a sage.
I want to be brave like a coward and frightened like a hero.
I want to be powerful and strong like a single twig and weak like a typhoon and earthquake.
I want to be sane like a madman and mad like a robot.
I want to be pleasant like a gas chamber and unappealing like a lipstick.
I want to be seductive like a hunchback and repugnant like a girl in a little dress.
I want to be beautiful like a cripple and ugly like a rainbow.
I want to be glorified like Adolf Hitler and despised like Jesus Christ.
I want to be unique as a cloud in heaven and ordinary as a snowflake in a volcano.
I want to speak the truth like a liar and lie like an honest man.
I want to live forever like a moth and die young like an immortal being.
I want to be a hermit with many friends and a dancer who sings.
I want to be a performer who never performs and a writer who never writes.
I want to be contradictory like common sense and harmonious like paradox.
I want to lead from behind and follow from front.
I want to be loud as a silence and calm as a storm.
I want to be engulfed in passions like a ghost and be rich in flesh rather than poor in spirit.
I want to find what I have never lost and lose what I have never found.
I want to remember what I have never forgotten and forget what I have never remembered.
I want to end at the start and begin at the finish.
I want to be happy like a Jew in the concentration camp where tears taste like sugar and blood is a perfume. So much happiness only saints endure.

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