Such love as this


Today I started reading Franklin Foer‘s book “How Soccer explains the World: An unlikely theory of globalization“. When I opened the front cover, I saw this…  


I don’t know the author of these wonderful lines.  Does it matter who wrote them? It could be anyone of us…

I thought it would be worth sharing with a wider audience. Love inspires us even if it’s not our own. Here’s the transcript:


The plane flies between heaven and Earth. I wish I were Neruda or Rumi and I could express to you a worthy declaration of love. Instead you must settle for these caresses and meditations on your sleeping face, where I know each curve and dip of your cheek. I wonder if the world might know peace at last if finally they knew such love? Such love as this which overwhelms my heart and sends it flying into a hundred brilliant pieces? My love, my bliss lying next to me this night and each as we fly over the world together.



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