The world spins to our heartbeat



All words have been spoken. Everything is known. All histories have been recorded and all stories told. All verses have been chanted and every note has been sung. All letters have been written and every symbol has been exploited. All games have been played and every war has been fought. All struggles have ended and every enemy has been converted.
All emotions have been felt and all beauty has been seen. All ideas have been imagined and every thought has been conceived. All wisdom has been stored and every secret has been revealed. All diseases have been cured and every problem has been solved. All troubles have vanished and every misery has faded. All needs have been relieved and all tears have changed into laughter. All mysteries have been explained and every answer found. All questions have been asked and every ghost renounced. All roads have been walked and every path has been followed. All steps have been taken and every goal has been reached. All dreams have been realized and every hope fulfilled.
Everything has been doubted and everything has been believed. All sins have been forgiven and every evil sanctified. Hells have been closed and every nightmare abandoned. The gates of Paradise once lost, now found, have been reopened. Every flower has been plucked and every mountain leveled to the ground. All nations have been united and every moral principle upheld. No law has been broken and all differences have been settled. Past has been forgotten and future remembered. All barriers have been lifted and every sanction disappeared. Justice has been done and nature has been conquered. Virtue reigns alone in supreme glory. Life has not ended but death is near. The world spins to our heartbeat. 


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