Blessed are the pharisees!


We easily mistake an act of malicious evil and raw deception for an act of charity and loving kindness. The bond of trust between two people is cemented by broken promises and dashed hopes. We misinterpret a curse for a blessing. We confuse obscenities and foul language for a rare moment of intellectual honesty, truthfulness and genuine authenticity. Rudeness is the new poetry. Petty little lies are considered profound and deep. Stupid remarks and blatant tautologies are the new pearls of wisdom. Trivial one-liners constitute a thorough analysis. Blessed are the pharisees! 

Tragedy is all fun and games. Death is a laughing matter. Obscurantism and cryptic vagueness are interpreted as clear signs of intelligence and wit. Selfish egomaniacs and misanthropes are perceived as kind and noble benefactors of humanity. Madmen and psychopaths are linked with genius and creativity. Dumb whores are adored as muses. Devils are worshiped as gods. The clean and sober ones are the new drunkards and drug addicts. Criminal offenders are the new judges. Thieves and outlaws are the new police. Ruthless rascals are the new men of honor. Blessed are the pharisees!

Plebeians and pygmies are the new rulers and kings. The learned, wise and witty are the new blockheads and ignoramuses. The intellectual is the new savage. The close-minded ones are the new freethinkers. An idle sluggard is the new man of action. Scum and dregs are the new aristocrats. Illiterates are the new men of letters. Blessed are the pharisees!
Sick and twisted minds are deemed inspirational and enlightening. Schizophrenics and good-for-nothings are the new writers. Everyone is an artist, a philosopher, an aesthete and a dilettante.
The most obvious and simplest things are explained as complex and paradoxical. Blunt ignorance is the new measure of excellence. Grave mistakes are hailed as success. Childish folly is rewarded as an achievement. Imitation and fabrication are held up as supreme acts of imagination. Forgery is the new originality. Inability is the new skill. Routine and monotony are the new art of improvisation. Chaos is the new order. Faux pas is the new etiquette. Blessed are the pharisees!

Happy are the frauds and charlatans for everything belong to such as these. Impostors and tricksters are the light of this world. Villains are the new heroes. Reality is the new dream. Limelight is the new shadow. Excrements are the new perfume. Brain is the new penis. Weeds are the new flowers. Body is the new soul. Stones are the new bread. Noise is the new silence. Voice is the new choir. None is too many and one is already a crowd. Blessed are the pharisees!

Triumph is the new failure. Strength is the new weakness. Light is the new darkness. Freedom is the new prison. Health is the new disease. Perversity is the new norm. Vice is the new virtue. Evil is the new good. Future is the new past. Friends are the new enemies. Piece is the new war. Questions are the new answers. Positive thinking is the new cynicism. But among all these changes and revolutions, love has always remained the same – so selfish, so cruel and so narcissistic. So there is nothing new in that. The state is the new church. Democracy, human rights and the pursuit of happiness are the new dogmas. Meanwhile, the Bible has become as disposable as toilet paper and pornography has usurped the role of Christ – promising the universal salvation of the entire world and uniting all in ecstasy and glory. So soft and silky smooth, so full of meaning and yet without words. Sex is the new religion. Blessed are the pharisees!

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