Words of wisdom: Sasha Grey


It is time for spreading some high culture over this blog. By which I mean, of course, porn – the greatest cinematographic and audiovisual art ever made by any sentient being. 

No form of art stands a chance when compered or measured with the golden stick of porn. Even books, which I have praised previously (perhaps undeservingly) have to retreat in the presence of naked meat-holes and have to acknowledge shamefully the magnificent superiority of a dildo in the ass or a fist in the vagina.

If you are already in your twenties (+), there is a great probability that you might know who Sasha Grey is. For those who are living in a deep and dark cave, Sasha Grey is a marvelous adult entertainer and one of those rare human beings who deserves a statue to be raised in her honor, if only just for this one quote:

“We do have a distorted view of our fantasies in society, but that’s because we don’t talk about them enough. Whereas men maybe try to have sex with their girlfriends or wives like they saw a guy having sex with a girl in a porno movie, women also expect to get a fat diamond ring and a guy who doesn’t cheat on them. We’re taught to expect things that are just not possible. It’s not an exclusive problem to pornography, it’s a problem for human relations.” (Quote taken from – http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/oct/25/sasha-grey-music-porn-industry)

She left porn and went to making music and writing novels only to discover that life remains basically the same. There is no escape from the “fucking” reality. Her statement to the fans about quitting porn is indicative of her personal philosophy, which I am inclined to agree with:

“It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult film performer has expired. Don’t worry, I haven’t found Jesus. It was simply the perfect time for me to move on… while I was on top.”

I hope she wins an Oscar, a Grammy or a Nobel. Get to know more about her, see

Watch her prepare for a scene



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13 responses to “Words of wisdom: Sasha Grey

  1. Reblogged this on InsanityAfterDark (IAD) and commented:
    We love Sasha Grey and have even did a show about her on our site http://insanityafterdark.yolasite.com. She is a awesome Smart Woman

  2. We Loved your Blog and are following it and also hope you do the same. We love Sasha and even did a show on http://insanityafterdark.yolasite.com She is so Smart as well as sexy.. Great Blog

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  4. Interesting. I admit i never heard of her.

  5. weirdaweso3e

    I agree with the statement. I’ve come to realize that expecting for someone to commit is unrealistic and unfair to both involved. ADORE Sasha Grey…OMG those f’in eyes and sexy bush are enough to make me cum!

  6. “… while I was on top.” [Snigger]

    Brilliant, feral performer.
    But one thing’s for sure: She has (almost an anagram of “Sasha”) Grey matter.

    Intelligence and filth. A heavenly combination.

    More here:

  7. hmm i dont think shes as self aware or intelligent as she thinks she is. I mean i dont need to take a picture of myself holding an intelligent book to prove that I can think. but she sure is very career driven and will do whatever it takes to reach her goals..she will go far, indeed

  8. weirdaweso3e

    Yesterday I was watching Pride and Prejudice and I thought Keira Knightley was Sasha Grey. I was so excited I thought, “good for her first porn, then music, now films.” And my excitement disappeared when I found out it wasn’t her. But don’t they have the same eyes that draw you in? I was left wanting more.

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