The silly beginning


So here it begins. My first very awkward step in the great unknown land of blogosphere. Having no original thoughts and no talents to showcase, possessing no good qualities – except the widespread snobbery and the all too common megalomania – , and even more crucially, writing in a vulgar English lingo that has little resemblance to the poetic verses of King James Bible or William Butler Yeats, I might anger and bore to death the potential reader with some presumptuous and arrogant nonsense. Of course what I have written in the previous sentence is already a claim of preposterous magnitude as it promises much more than it may deliver. I apologize in advance for all the wasted time you will spend here. But if you have time to waste, you might as well waste it here. In this way we will be wasting time together. If love means anything, its meaning is precisely this – wasting time together -, is it not so?

“It is as I have said: the mind is independent of the man. He has no control over it; it does as it pleases. It will take up a subject in spite of him; it will stick to it in spite of him; it will throw it aside in spite of him. It is entirely independent of him.”  – Mark Twain

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